Based in: (Israel/Haifa)

Butcher studio

Websites with character: Evoke emotions / Stand out / Be memorable

Butcher studio. We make websites that bring joy

evoke emotions & admiration.

by creating unique and bold designs that —

Embodiment of your uniqueness in a website. We build bridges between your brand and audience

Israeli cats

( Works )

A website about Israeli street cats. Meow-meow!

Tommy cash

Longread about the life and work of rap artist Tommy Cash


Natural cosmetics care selection service for the face

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Remarc parfum

Website for a new collection of premium perfumes

In our studio

Our mission is — to embody your uniqueness in the website with strong character that will set your business apart from competitors and attract the attention of the target audience.

We understand that websites are more than just information, they are a powerful marketing tool and also the face of your brand.

( Approach )

In our studio we create miracles for people and businesses striving straight for growth and success.