Based in: (Israel/Haifa)

Born to Craft

What we do in our studio is not just our job — it's our hobby, our passion, our priority. We've arrived

We're a tiny boutique agency operating globally from Israel. We can't boast a large portfolio, 25 years of experience or big-name clients, but we're just getting started. What we can boast about, however, is our love for the web-design.

to create something new, to captivate, to astonish, to craft, and to deliver the best for our clients.

( About us )

Hello! We're Rita and Igor the heart and soul of: Butcher studio.

We are partners in life and together we create stunning websites for our clients. Rita specializes in design, while Igor handles the technical aspects and project management. We personally participate in the development of each project and when it needed, we engage our trusted specialists.

Our approach

Our approach to work combines a passion for creativity and a drive for perfection.

A website plays an crucial role in business. And should be not only functional, but also engaging, staying in the memory of visitors.

Our work philosophy is based on transparency, active communication, and mutual understanding with clients. We aim to be your partner, not just a contractor, and are geared towards long cooperation based on trust and shared success.

During the design process we pay special attention to studying your industry to create a unique website that fits your needs, strengthens your brand, and appeals to your target audience.

We firmly believe that every project we undertake should meet a standard worthy of recognition in leading contests.

We collaborate with companies and individuals who reject mediocrity and strive for uniqueness.

Whether it's a young startup or an established brand, we work with those who wish to grow and evolve their brand, who are ready to stand out and be memorable. Our aim — is to help your business become successful by creating projects in various styles and for different fields of bussiness.

( Who we work with )

In our work, we don’t limit ourselves by industry or business size, as what is paramount for us are the goals and ambitions of our clients.

( Reviews )

"Thank you to the 'Butcher' agency for the work done. They have shown patience at all stages of the production processes. I have repeatedly returned to the agency's services, making it my first priority. Wishing you prosperity.”

Victor Kynichkiy

Haifa Homes - Real estate agency

"I chose Butcher studio based on a recommendation and our collaboration was comfortable and smooth. I appreciate their understanding of tasks, speed of work, excellent communication, and willingness to take responsibility for the overall project. I'm pleased with the result and confidently recommend them to others.”

Marina Fedyaeva

Component - Natural cosmetics store

"I recently turned to Butcher studio and was pleasantly surprised at how accurately they captured my wishes. The work was done swiftly, stylishly, and professionally. I'm very pleased with the result and now know who to turn to in the future.”

Rita Vernik

Pribari - Eco sweets shop

"I turned to Butcher studio to create the website of my dreams. The team worked ahead of deadlines, explaining every step and even assisted with payment issues due to country differences. They are not only professionals, but also attentive partners, focused on achieving quality results. I highly recommend them!”

Lina Minchin

Lina Mi - Marketing agency

"A huge thanks to Butcher for creating an wonderful landing that exceeded all my expectations. The work was done swiftly, precisely and thoughtfully, taking into account all of my wishes. The studio not only attentively listened to my ideas, but also offered valuable advices. It's easy and pleasant to work with them. I'll definitely be recommending them!”

Anna Greenberg

Hatorceramics - israeli pottery workshop

"We are so glad to have met you, considering we got burned the first time. Working with you was a real pleasure and we're incredibly surprised that you not only understood our ideas within 1-2 phone calls, but also enhanced them. You are true professionals in your field. I'm saying thank you again. I'm confident that this isn't our last project with you, even within the framework of Sarikiz :)"

Farid Mirzoev

Sarikiz - Turkish mineral water