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We needed to create a site that reflected Component's philosophy of naturalness and eco-friendliness while appealing to their target audience. It was essential to emphasize the brand's eco-friendliness and commitment to naturalness by creating an interactive and visually appealing design.



Component - a service for selecting natural facial cosmetics, asked for our help in improving their website. However, after studying their brand book, positioning, and the current site, we realized that it was not enough to just make some adjustments - a complete transformation was necessary to properly convey the brand's spirit and enhance user experience.


In close collaboration with Component, we developed a new website structure, created a prototype and design that perfectly matched their brand. Our approach involved using a pastel greenish hue and plant photographs to convey eco-friendliness, and minimal makeup human face photographs to underline naturalness.

In this case, you'll learn how we transformed the Component website into a unique and impressive digital space.

"Component — data-driven cosmetics selection for natural beauty."

Upon the first glance at Component's existing website, it became clear that we would need to change more than just some aspects of the design.

New homepage design of Component's eco-friendly website by BUTCHER Studio

Rethinking the approach:

But what surprised us the most was the discovery that a paid font was being used, for which Component was not paying, creating legal issues. This was a serious problem that the previous project executor had overlooked.

Furthermore, the site's color palette did not reflect the brand's real mood and atmosphere. The bright pink color drew all the attention to itself, distracting from more essential elements on the page.

Moreover, the site texts lacked many key points that could assist in establishing a connection with the visitors.

It lacked consistency that would help website visitors understand the depth of the brand's philosophy.

The site structure was incomplete and didn't convey all the necessary information.

Considering these notable flaws, a simple website update would be like putting a band-aid on a fracture. Component needed not gradual changes, but a radical transformation.

A kind of revolution that would help them convey their spirit, establish their digital presence, and charm their audience with a whole new online experience.

Component's old website homepage, before redesign by BUTCHER Studio

Armed with knowledge and a shared passion for Component's goal, we set out on a journey to breathe life into their digital presence — to create from scratch a site that would be as unique, vibrant, and alluring as the brand.

Thematic photograph highlighting Component's commitment to sustainability

Our journey of discovery began with the brand book, a treasure trove of insight into the core of Component's ethos. We studied it in detail, assimilating the brand's spirit and vision. Simultaneously, we analyzed their market positioning, the competition, and the industry leaders.

Brand Immersion: Unearthing the essence

Unveiling Component's unique brand identity required more than just a superficial glance; it demanded a deep dive. We needed to fully understand the heart of their philosophy, their drive for eco-friendliness and natural beauty, their commitment to individualized care.

Taking these insights, we began to shape a website structure that encapsulated Component's essence. We aimed to create a digital experience that didn't

just inform visitors but immersed them in the brand's world. Each design decision — from the choice of soothing green hues to selected imagery — aimed to reflect the brand's core commitment to natural beauty.

Elegant product detail page from Component's new website by BUTCHER Studio
BUTCHER Studio's minimal design for Component's about us page
Visual representation of Component's eco-friendly ethos, with plant imagery

Additionally, the narrative on the website had to be in sync with Component's soul. We lent a hand in refining the copy, ensuring it was not only engaging but also effectively communicated the brand's philosophy.

In this transformational journey, Component's website was born anew — a true digital embodiment of its brand, enabling visitors to experience and connect with its unique ethos.

Turning Component's philosophy into a tangible experience was a delightful challenge. We wanted the site to tell Component's story while providing an intuitive user journey. To achieve this, we first reassessed the existing site structure, identified gaps and areas for improvement, and mapped out a new structure that would cater to their users' needs and encapsulate Component's brand essence.

Our focus then turned to the visual design. It needed to reflect the natural and ecological ethos of the brand. Drawing inspiration from the lush greenery and purity associated with Component, we incorporated an earthy color palette and authentic imagery into the design. Each visual element, from the clean lines to the soft hues, worked together to create an atmosphere of freshness and serenity, mirroring the brand's commitment to natural beauty.

Structure&design: Aesthetics and utility

Elegant product detail page from Component's new website by BUTCHER Studio

In the end, we didn't just build a website, we crafted a digital space where their philosophy could thrive

and resonate with their audience. By marrying aesthetics with usability, we created an engaging platform that is truly reflective of Component's unique approach to natural and sustainable beauty.

Product detail page from Component's new website by BUTCHER Studio
Product listing page from Component's redesigned website, focusing on natural cosmetics
BUTCHER Studio's minimal design for Component's contacts page

"Butcher Studio was my choice on a colleague's recommendation. It's professionalism, speed, and understanding all in one package. Their holistic approach to projects, not just performing functions, was a revelation. I recommend Butcher to everyone who values quality and responsibility!"

every decision. By grasping Component's core philosophy and using design as a tool, we created a website that embodies the brand's spirit, reflects its mission, and enhances user experience.

During this transformation journey, we kept the essence of the Component brand at the heart of


404 page on the Component site conscious BUTCHER Studio

creativity, and fervor we are at your service :) Don't delay. Contact us now. Let's co-create something astonishing!

If you seek a team capable of translating your bravest ideas into reality with impeccable precision,wild

creativity, and fervor we are at your service :) Don't delay. Contact us now. Let's co-create something astonishing!

If you seek a team capable of translating your bravest ideas into reality with impeccable precision,wild

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